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About Us

Allies Interactive Services has been providing IT, design, research, product and technology development services to clients from all over world since 1998. We help companies, non-technical founders and startups by acting as their partner in R&D, product and SaaS development.

Our focus is on quality, creativity, innovation, cost-effectiveness and people – clients, customers and team. Our team consists of web technologists, web developers, designers, illustrators, user-experience designers, visualizers, and software-technology architects.

We encourage leadership and entrepreneurship; most of the management team at Allies comprises of first generation designers, developers and technologists who have worked with companies like Macromedia, Adobe, Yahoo!, Mixercast, Tata Interactive Systems, etc.

Over the years, we have worked closely with Startups, SMEs and founders to execute their ideas into smart and efficient solutions/products. Our teams have taken over complete responsibility for the R&D, engineering and design aspects of their products so our clients/partners can focus on building and expanding their vision and business.

We dedicate substantial time and resources on research and development (R&D). This ensures that we learn and experiment with existing, latest and upcoming technologies. This process equips us to help solve our customers’/clients’ problems quickly and efficiently.

Our vision is to be an innovation and technology-driven company that provides superior quality services and develops products which are useful.

Our services include:

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